Fire Them Up!

Fire Them Up!

7 Simple Secrets to: Inspire colleagues, Customers and Clients. Sell Yourself, Your Vision, and Your Values. Communicate with Charisma and Confidence

Regardless of what you do or what your position, influence is an important and powerful key to achieving professional success and get what you want from life. Fire Them Up! reveals seven simple, profound secrets for using your vision and your values to motivate and influence the people you work with, live with, or share a community with.

The Seven Simple Secrets of Influence:

  • Ignite your own influence
  • Navigate the way to success with a consistent, memorable vision
  • Sell the benefit by putting your listeners first
  • Paint a picture with powerful, memorable, actionable stories
  • Invite particpation by asking for input and dealing with objections
  • Reinforce an optimistic outlook by becoming a beacon of hope
  • Encourage people to reach their potential by praising and investing in them
  • What could you accomplish if you could inspire, motivate and positively influence everyone in your personal and professional life? Learn the language of motivation from the masters; men and women who have an extraordinary ability to inspire their colleagues, customers and employees. More than twenty-five extraordinary business leaders, educators and entrepreneurs contributed to the techniques revealed in Fire Them Up!

    Among the people who share their insights:

    • Simon F. Cooper, President, The Ritz-Carlton
    • Howard Schultz, Chairman, Starbucks
    • Marissa Mayer, Vice President, Google
    • Wendy Kopp, founder, Teach for America
    • Michelle Peluso, CEO, Travelocity
    • Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple
    • and many more!


    Fire Them Up! explains how the best companies inspire their employees to live and breathe commitment to the customer. This is an engaging “must –read” for anyone who wants to motivate others.”
    Simon F. Cooper, President & COO, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

    “Loved it! Fire Them Up! inspires and gives you the confidence and conviction to follow your own path, but also has a framework for pulling it off. It’s packed with stories and insights that offer hope, belief, and conviction that you, too, can change the world.”
    Richard Tait, Grand Poo Bah, Co-Founder and CEO, Cranium

    “Offers great insights and ideas to help people at any level understand how to be an inspiring leader.”
    Michelle Peluso, President & CEO, Travelocity

    “This book shares the wisdom and secrets learned and practiced by some of our generation’s greatest leaders.”
    Mark Mastrov, Founder & Chairman, 24-hour Fitness Worldwide

    “If you are a manager and want to really inspire your people, this book provides just the right blueprint.”Dr. Eli Harari, Founder, Chairman & CEO, SanDisk



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