The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs

Learn how to RETHINK your business, REINVENT your products, and REVITALIZE your vision of success — the Steve Jobs way.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman said that America needs more jobs – Steve Jobs. When it comes to innovation, Apple CEO Steve Jobs is legendary. His company slogan “Think Different” is more than a marketing tool. It’s a way of life – a powerful, positive, game-changing approach to innovation that anyone can apply to any field of endeavor.

By following Steve Jobs’ visionary example, you’ll discover exciting new ways to unlock your creative potential, foster an environment that encourages innovation, and allow it to flourish. You’ll learn how to match – and beat – the most powerful competitors, develop the most revolutionary products, attract the most loyal customers, and thrive in the most challenging times. Bestselling business journalist Carmine Gallo has interviewed hundreds of successful professionals – from CEOs, managers, and entrepreneurs, to teachers, consultants, and stay-at-home moms – to get to the core of Steve Jobs’ innovative philosophies. These are the simple, meaningful, and attainable principles that drive us all to “Think Different.” These are The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs.

These are the Seven Principles of Innovation, inspired by the master himself…

  1. Do What You Love.
    Think differently about your career.
  2. Put a Dent in the Universe.
    Think differently about your vision
  3. Kick Start Your Brain.
    Think differently about how you think.
  4. Sell Dreams, Not Products.
    Think differently about your customers.
  5. Say No to 1,000 Things.
    Think differently about design.
  6. Create Insanely Great Expectations.
    Think differently about your brand experience.
  7. Master the Message
    Think differently about your story.


“Apple changed the world with the Mac and hasn’t stopped innovating since. Carmine Gallo reveals the secrets and gives your the tools to unleash your inner Steve.”
Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO of and author of the national bestseller Behind the Cloud

“An inspiring road map for anyone who wants to live a life of passion and purpose.”
Tony Hsieh, author of Delivering Happinessand CEO of

“Steve Jobs has reinvented music distribution, the mobile telephone, and book publishing. You might want to take a look at how someone creates multi-billion dollar ideas, and turns them into multi-billion dollar products that everyone loves and admires. This book is not an option. Buy it now, bank it tomorrow.”
Jeffrey Gitomer, author of The Little Red Book of Selling

“In The Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs Carmine Gallo captures the true mindset of Jobs and Apple. This book is not just for the techie and marketing crowd, although they will gain valuable insight that can be applied to their worlds. It is also for anyone who loves technology and wants to understand how to create simple devices that are easy to use and can impact our lives.”
Tim Bajarin, President, Creative Strategies, Inc.



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