Carmine Gallo is the exclusive media training, public speaking, business communications, and presentation skills coach for some of the world’s most admired brands.

Our Workshops

  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Media Training
  • Messaging Session / Message Mapping
  • Crisis Communications
  • 7 Principles of Inspiring Leadership: Fire Them Up!

Presentation Skills Training

Gallo Communications turns ordinary presenters into extraordinary communicators. We work closely with C-level executives, managers, directors, entrepreneurs, sales teams, scientists, and public relations and marketing professionals who have to pitch and present their companies, products, services or initiatives. If you have attended the giant Consumer Electronics Shows in Las Vegas, it’s likely you may have seen a presentation that Carmine had a direct hand in preparing and rehearsing with the CEO who delivered it.

Gallo Communications will create a customized session to prepare you for your tradeshow, conference, event, sales meeting, or to improve your presentation skills in general, regardless of an approaching event. Sessions incorporate case studies, video clips of extraordinary spokespeople, customized activities focused around messaging, on-camera work, and presentation analysis. Content is derived from Carmine Gallo’s years of experience interviewing top communicators and content from his international bestsellers, “The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs” and “This Innovation Secrets of Steve Jobs.”

The curriculum was well-received by all attendees who were extremely satisfied. Participants were pleased to learn not just how to be a spokesperson, but also a storyteller and a great presenter. All participants were very impressed by the presentation skills of Carmine Gallo. They felt he was very knowledgeable, engaging, and open to answering questions. All attendees felt Mr. Gallo provided good audio-visual aids to supplement the session. They were also impressed with his ability to give individual feedback to each and every person.”
Nokia (feedback survey from group session)

Media Training

Carmine’s media training clients make news every day. It’s likely that on any given day, you might read about his clients in the New York Times or see them on CNBC. For example Carmine is the exclusive media training coach for Intel. Hundreds of managers have gone through Carmine’s half or full-day media training sessions. No one is allowed to speak to the press until they have completed Carmine’s workshop. All sessions include customized and planned mock interview activities which are taped on camera and then played back for analysis and review. Messaging is the key focus, with delivery style and body language as a supporting focus.

Carmine is a tremendous teacher and a true expert in media training. He provides succinct, memorable advice and counsel that can make a significant impact.
Paul Hartwick, SVP, Communication & Public Affairs, JPMorgan Chase

In my experience with several media training classes through the Commission, Carmine’s approach opened up a new understanding of how we can make the interview a more positive experience. Carmine has a unique way of bringing out our best capabilities. I have never experienced anything like it in previous media training sessions. Carmine is my go-to coach!

Mark Murai,
President, California Strawberry Commission

Carmine is flat out the best media training and presentation skills coach I have worked with. He is great with clients, keeps people engaged and provides real world solutions.
Robert McWilliams
McWilliams Productions

Carmine, thanks for the experience yesterday with media training. It was definitely a great, humbling and productive session. It learned a lot. It really inspired us.
Matt Nitowsky, Disney

When our members need media training, we always use Carmine Gallo because we know the preparation will be first rate. In addition, we also know that our members will leave the session confident in their ability to respond to any reporters’ questions or media situation. Our members are very important to us and it’s our job to help them manage issues and the media effectively which is why we wouldn’t put them in anyone else’s hands.
Teresa Thorne
Alliance for Food and Farming

Carmine, Thanks for the great coaching. The workshop was very beneficial to me: it helped me to structure what I needed to say about our company and brand, and also gave me a better sense of what would be perceived interesting by the media. Many thanks.

Danielle Jin
Brand Manager, Ghirardelli

In preparation for my upcoming role as an industry spokesperson for a agricultural grower I participated in a day of professional, “top-notch” media training with Carmine Gallo. Carmine did a tremendous job empowering me with the specific techniques necessary to deliver well-formulated messages for my Dateline interview. Carmine’s expertise empowered me with great confidence and highly effective communications skills. Personally, the experience was invaluable – certainly the opportunity of a lifetime – techniques I’ll embrace and utilize in all areas of my professional career.
Margaret D’Arrigo
D’Arrigo Bros

Messaging Session / Message Mapping

In 2006, a major food-borne illness spread across North America. Carmine received a call hours after the news hit. He immediately met with principle spokespeople and helped them refine mountains of information and scientific data into a one-page “message map” that everyone used to explain the outbreak: growers, scientists, government officials, and public relations professionals. Over the next few months, Carmine introduced the message structure to dozens of spokespeople in the industry. Surveys later confirmed that consumers who had lost confidence in this particular commodity had fully regained their trust after hearing the story Carmine and his team helped construct.

Gallo Communications will work with your team to create a compelling narrative around your company, product, service, initiative or campaign. We can also work with your primary spokespeople to deliver the messages as effectively as possible. At the end of each session, a message map is generated and provided to the client to use for marketing collateral, presentation content or internal communication.

Carmine, the entire group enjoyed your insight and assistance and should greatly benefit from everything you taught us. We are working on refining this message based on your input from yesterday.
Marc Cool, CEO, Seeds of Change

Carmine, I cannot tell you how pleased we were with yesterday’s session. It was exactly what this group needed! You are a genius!!
California Tomato Growers Association

Crisis Communications

When a leading back lost thousands of tapes with customers’ personal information, bank executives called Carmine before they officially revealed the information to the public. After signing non-disclosure agreements, Carmine helped the bank create and refine the messages they would use to discuss the incident and worked one-on-one with the bank’s primary spokespeople.

Whether you’re in the middle of a crisis or preparing for potential problems, contact Gallo Communications for immediate, effective, proven and confidential consulting. We work best with companies and industries that already have an existing crisis plan in place. Specifically, we focus on developing key messages around “developed” crisis scenarios for the client’s industry. We also incorporate a professional videographer and a reporter who contribute to the mock media experience. The spokespeople participating in these sessions come away with the story and delivery skills necessary to manage a crisis in the eye of the media and to maintain consumer confidence.

Carmine, you have been a great asset for these family members of fallen firefighters. I truly appreciate your dedication. Everyone in the audience was moved to tears.
Cathy Hedrick, Fallen Firefighters Foundation

7 Principles of Inspiring Leadership

Only 10% of employees look forward to going to work. The other 90% cite a lack of leadership as the reason they’re discouraged. Carmine’s book, Fire Them Up, reveals the language of motivation as practiced by the world’s most inspiring leaders. More than two dozen men and women participated in the content. They represent some of the world’s most admired brands including Google, Starbucks, the Ritz-Carlton, and many others.

The Gallo Communications’ “Fire Them Up” seminar is the last motivational workshop your group will ever need-because we teach executives, managers, sales professionals video clips, case studies, and engaging activities designed to energize the group and inspire them to take action.

You are a shining example of Performance with Purpose. Thank you for your leadership.
John Compton, CEO, Pepsico Americas Food


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